The Food Budget and things

The food budget, oh the dreaded food budget!

With moving forward in my simple living plans, this is the one area I really want to sort out and give a massive revamp! Especially as I am wanting to make, cook, grow and forage my own.

Currently at the moment we spend around £70 a week on food, this is just us not the dogs, sometimes it’s more sometimes it’s less. On the odd occasion I’ve even managed to get it down to £25! I don’t think £70 is bad for a couple for food but we do buy a lot of crap and I would like to change this so I think if I can change my food spending to be less and focus more on the actual meals themselves that this will cut down out crap eating.

We shall see.

So what shall I change our money budget to, I have no idea. Currently our £70 equates to around £3640 a year, roughly £303 something per month. That means If I half our budget I could save us around £1320 a year!!

So that is what I am going to do, half my food budget to £35, and instead of just paying the money on our card without thinking about it, I’m going to take the hard cash out of the bank. Anything we don’t spend from that £70 will go into a piggy bank; I have a few to choose from, I’ll also be getting around 2 £1 food stamps so that we can have a couple of books filled for Christmas next year. If I don’t take the money out there is a high likelihood that the money would just get absorbed somewhere else. This also means that if something major happens and we need to spend the money it will be there.

I guess for my £35 budget I need to have a plan, a plan to take over the world mewhahahahahahahaha……………..

Anyway a plan,

  • I want to buy as locally as possible so that will be eggs from down the road, and meat/fish from a local producer.
  • I want to cut down our meat intake drastically, not quite to the Vegan side my sisters are at but somewhere where we are comfortable.
  • I want to start including more slow cooker meals into our life. I don’t know what happened as I used to live of my slow cooker but it’s now gathering dust in the far reaches of the kitchen.
  • I want to eat seasonally; I’m going to be printing of a calendar and hoping for the best. I’m also going to be checking where my produce comes from in stores.
  • I want to grow my own.
  • I want to forage my own.
  • I want to learn how to cook from scratch, all the time, be that bread, cookies or meals I need to learn it all.
  • Last but probably not least I want to learn how to put up the seasonal stuff, so say there is a deal on potatoes, I’d like to learn what to do with them so that we can have them for longer than a week.

What do you think? Am I a wee bit balmy? I guess after a couple of months we will find out.

My first month of the budget is this Saturday. I do realise this first week is going to be a good one, only three days in work and all that but it will be a nice easy start to the year hopefully.

All going well a Sunday Menu Plan catch up post will appear, every Sunday.

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