Potatoes, potatoes everwhere

Are you ready for some back story?

So over Christmas our local Tesco had a massive overstock of veg and was selling of lots of veg for 10p so being me I bought several potatoes, carrots and a couple of parsnips which went happily in my new veg storage the other half made me. Now on the Friday before New Years one of my work colleagues came into work with a lot of veg, apparently Tesco gave the food bank a lot of the veg (YAY!) but I’m unsure on whether there wasn’t a demand or the fact that the veg was apparently “out of date” meant that they couldn’t find the veg a new home (Boo!!). I’d already bought myself a load so left the veg to everyone else at work. The top photo shows what was left and was going to be thrown out, minus the two bags of carrots I didn’t add!

I for one couldn’t handle the food being thrown out, it was completely fine!!

Though I did have to decide what to do with all this veg! I decided borrowing my sisters dehydrator (I need to save up for my own) would go a long long way, above you can see my process of dehydrating the potatoes, I managed (as I made a load of soup as well) to dehydrate 1.75kg or around there of potatoes which yielded three bags full.

To dehydrate the potatoes, I just cut them into slices around 1/4th – 1/8th inch wide, par boiled them in boiling water for 5/6 minutes and then dehydrated until almost see through/crisp.

I’m very excited to start using these in my stews and attempting some potato bakes with them. Hopefully this will be something I can add to my larder list for future years, especially as we don’t have the space for a lot of items and this will give me a great option if veg comes cheap again.

One thought on “Potatoes, potatoes everwhere

  1. A Challenging Year ... says:

    I would have had to make mash and chips or wedges for the freezer as I don’t have access to a dehydrator, but well done on finding a way to store the spuds. I think it’s a shame that Foodbanks have to be so rigid about dates, but I can see the logic … sometimes!!


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