Island Life / Megalith Birthday

Welcome to my first “Island Life” post, this one is adeptly called Island Life / Megalith Birthday! I am hoping to add in little bits of what I call Island Life every so often just random things I do which add to my quality of life on this little Island.

So today is my big big sisters birthday and I thought it was only right to treat her yesterday after work to the two things we love very much, pizza and history, especially Manx history!

The pizza we had was a new to us pizza place called Neo’s and we went mainly because they do Vegan pizza and I always always go for somewhere that can feed my Vegan sister over any old place first. As you can see from her grabby hand motion we were very excited and it’s was great pizza, we would and once all our calendars align will be going again.

We then made the great trek to the Manx Museum for our talk. We’ve seen Mr Hutton now coming on 4/5 times over as many years. I just love how engaging he is and it always helps than he natters about what we love most History and Folklore. This one was on Manx Megaliths and I learned quite a few new things and confirmed a few others. Well worth the ten pounds. I also managed to get quite a few rows done while listening to his talk. Rory the photos of Mr Hutton are a wee bit suspect was taking them on the sly, I’ve not quite got blogger courage yet!

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