Weekly Menu Plan – 8th January 2018


Well you probably guessed that last week I didn’t put a menu plan up. I made one then the world subsequently decided that I wouldn’t stick to it at all, what with two meals out and a few nights eating at my parents there was no point.

This week though, I am making and sticking to my menu plan, or as damn nearest as I can.

I’m trying my hardest to start having the weekends just to us, no actual shopping (unless it’s to a local producer) will be accepted! So on Friday lunchtime we (me and my sister) went to Tesco shopping and I got the following;

3 X Laxey Flour – £1.48 each
Yazoo – £0.50
Loose Bananas – £0.90
Yeast – £1.05
2 x Herb Stockpots – £1.52 each (on a deal, 2 for £2)
Korma Sauce – £0.87
Mixed Nuts – £1.37
2 x Passata – £0.35 each
Dog Treats – £1.50
Paneer £1.58
Mushrooms £1.00
Soup storage bags x 6 – £1.05
Shampoo – £1.05
Total – £18.01

This means that this week we are £16.99 under my weekly budget of £35! This makes me very happy also means that I can put that aside for another week.

Our monthly total so far is £60.89/£151 and it looks like there is only two more weeks left this month, does a weird happy dance thing!

From that we’re hopefully going to be eating:

Breakfast – Porridge and jam for me, cerial for the other half

Lunch – soup and bread for me, cheese sandwich for the other half

Dinner –

Monday – Paneer and mushroom korma
Tuesday – Sausage casserole with veg (bringing the slow cooker into action)
Wednesday – Risotto balls with a tomato sauce
Thursday – just me so either a fish finger or egg sandwich
Friday – Soup and toasties
Saturday – Homemade Pizza Saturday
Sunday – Cooking at the parents and it’s going to be Homemade pasta, YAY!!

As you can see I got three lots of wholemeal flour, I’m hoping to make a bread for myself for lunches and I’m also hoping to do a sourdough starter as it’s my aim for this week!

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