Well it’s a Start, right?!

Hello, I’m Nessy and I have a very big problem.


I live in the cutest super small two bed built in the 1800 terraced cottage, which should be perfect and amazing, it’s not.

We’ve had more problems than anything and well this coming year I am going to fix all of them (hopefully) but most of all I want to fix my almost hoarding habit, our house is a mess.

A MESS!!!!!!

I have no idea where to start most days and to be honest I get so down because of it, so that’s why I’m starting this little blog.

I want to be held accountable. I have goals I want to achieve, and I really will achieve them, more than anything.

For starters I want to make one change every week, so that’s 52 changes in the year. Currently at the moment I don’t do anything at all, over the last year I just lost all heart and motivation, so this year it will be getting it back. Slowly and surely.

Secondly I want to blog every week. At least once a week. I want to do snapshots of my life, of trying to learn what is best and what isn’t. Just bought the domain for this place so lets see how that goes!!

Thirdly I want to become as Zero waste as I can, this isn’t going to be easy my bulk options are almost null and void, so I will be relying on being able to use my brain for everything.

Fourthly I want to eat to the seasons and cut out the crap, this goes with the above. I want to become more sustainable in my eating habits, find places where I can get everything I need without the packaging and if not see if I can make it myself. Or at least try.

Fifthly I want to grow my own, I want to be as sustainable as I can be, we have the smallest garden but I know that I will be able to make something of it, and grow everything I need (hopefully) I am also wanting to forage as much as I can do, learn what is edible and what isn’t, learn to start eating by the larder and not the other way around.

Sixthly I want to become more minimalist. I know I will never be like a lot of people who have amazing houses with nothing in, I live in mine and not only that I have a million and one hobbies, so hopefully this will make me evaluate what I want to do and achieve long term. I also think it will help with a lot of the clutter we have in our house, maybe learn to streamline everything.

And lastly I want to sort myself out, I want to become more mentally better and healthier, I want to get out more, see more of the Island, I want to live more.

I think that’s it, I guess if there is anything else you will probably find out.